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Online Bead Club

If you consider yourself passionate about beading then we invite you into The Bead Merchant's Online Club to discover and enjoy more about the fascinating world of beads

You will be eligible to receive a selection of beautifully packaged beads each month, and a regularly updated gorgeous beadwork project.

You will be able to view our members-only pages which will include product previews and exclusive very special one-off handpicked beads, fabulous pages of inspiration, members work, forums and blogs.

And on top of that, a 10% discount on your purchases at The Bead Merchant - no minimum spend, no annual fee.


By becoming a member:

You will be eligible to receive a selection of beautifully packaged beads every month.

Every month we will send you an email with the new selection which will be sourced by us (so that you know it will always be top-quality) to include beads around a theme and always an extra something special such as 14 tris, 15 hex's, dichroic seeds, fancy rondelles, or some other unusual beady delight. We will also sometimes include different threads and new items for you to compare their qualities. The selection will come packaged in a gorgeous organza bag that you will be able to re-use once you have made your creation. The beads will be labelled so that you can obtain more, but there will be a limited supply of most of them, so don't wait too long to re-order!

The discounted price of this monthly selection will be £15 plus £2.00 p/p, and you will always have control over how frequently you receive it.

Forget Diamonds!

You will be eligible to receive an exclusive collection of beads, beautifully packaged with enough beads, threads and finishings to make a lovely project, with ideas or instructions for their making.

It may be a complete necklace, or a project based around a stitch or a theme (such as Spring Flowers, or Sea Shells, or Old Lace) and will always include our top-quality beads in different sizes all labelled for re-ordering; plus some unusual and special treasures. With the addition of our helpful guide will have you itching to get started! The discounted price of this quarterly selection will be £30 plus £3.00 p/p, and you may choose this as well - or instead - of your monthly selection (or not at all if your plans for the season don't include beads).

How It Will Work

We will send you periodically an email with the latest news of what's happening at The Bead Merchant, and new products and offers. Sometimes we may give sneak previews of kits or beads before they go on our Web site, and we may also include downloadable and printable patterns and techniques. We will also give details of the monthly selection (and every so often, the Seasonal Goody Box as well). If you would like that selection (and/or the Goody Box) you can click on the link that will take you to a page where you can purchase. If you don't want the selection that month then you simply do nothing.

In between emails you can go to the Club Pages to see what offer is available, or you can sign up to have them sent to you automatically if you would like.

If you would like the Monthly Selection or the Goody Box to be sent to a country other than the UK we are happy to do so and will charge the p/p cost

But Please, Sir, I Want Some More!

Membership has other huge benefits:

When you join the Online Bead Club you will receive a Membership Card that will entitle you to a 10% discount on nearly all your Bead Merchant purchases, at exhibitions and classes, online or through our catalogue - no minimum spend, and no annual fee - just your one-off original £25 payment.

At the moment the only exclusion is the wholesale quantities of Swarovski Crystals, which are already discounted, but we reserve the right to add to this.

You will be given a password to view the Members Only Pages on our Web site which will include fabulous Pages of Inspiration, Product Previews, Members Work, Forums and Blogs where you can discuss the merits of the selections that you have received, see what Members have made with them, and make suggestions and offer new ideas, enter competitions and challenges. If, for example, you think one of our bead selections should be included in our general catalogue for all to benefit then share your opinions. Or if you would like us to organise a Members Only Masterclass or a Bead Retreat then let us know. It's your club; you choose the direction it should take.

So, for £25 membership for life you will get:

  • 10% discount on nearly all purchases with The Bead Merchant
  • Receive Information and Tips to expand your beading knowledge
  • Access to Member Only Offers, Forums and Challenges
  • Exclusive access to monthly selection of Beautiful and Unusual Beads
  • Exclusive access to  Project Goody Box

Mmm, Tempting A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Beads.

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