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About Beading : Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

Have you looked at some of the beadwork kits on our website and wondered if you actually would be able to bead them?

Even if you have never beaded before you can go straight to one of our Beginner Bead Kits and with the help of the Beginners Tips you will be beading within an hour and wanting to look at new kits and start new challenges.

Being able to bead really is a state of mind - the stitches are not difficult; beading is not difficult. But you do have to focus on working on a small scale and paying attention to detail. You must train your eyes to truly look at the small scale, to study which way the thread is passing through the beads and how it affects the way they sit.

You cannot bead in the wrong frame of mind - you must be calm and focused: If you are agitated or unsettled you will make mistakes; your thread will tangle and your beading will look a mess! If you find that happening put your beadwork down, and either go to bed or clean the bathroom!

Conversely, by focusing and concentrating on your beadwork you will be amazed at how relaxing that can be - many people consider it therapeutic: and surprisingly, working in a repetitive way with a particular stitch can be particularly calming, freeing the mind to go off to all sorts of places we won't ask about!

If you're not sure which kit to start with, our two favourite Beginners Kits are the Flowerbud Braid, and the Twister Rope. Both are quick and easy and fun to make, being one repetitive stitch with a choice of different beads to pick up, and both look quite fabulous made up (our thanks to Gillian Lamb and Sylvia Fairhurst respectively for design inspiration). You could go on from there by making the same design in slightly different ways, or with different beads; or by choosing different kits.

Just remember though, never bead for long periods of time - it is so tempting to keep going ("just one more row") not realising how stiff you are becoming. Periodically stop and unwind and stretch yourself, make a cup of tea and be proud of your new beading skills.


Beginners Guide

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