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Beads : Miyuki Beads : Bugle Beads 6mm

Bugle Beads - 6mm


182 Galvanised Gold


2 Light Amber Transparent with Silver Lining


3 Amber Transparent with Silver Lining


6MM BUGLE 131...


131FR Clear Transparent with Frosted Rainbow (looks soft white)


132FR Amber Transparent with Frosted Rainbow


6MM 135FR.


141FR Ruby Transparent with Frosted Rainbow


142FR Light Amethyst Transparent with Frosted Rainbow


146FR Mid Green Transparent with Frosted Rainbow


148FR Sky Blue Transparent with Frosted Rainbow


152FR Grey Transparent with Frosted Rainbow


155FR Blush Pink Transparent with Frosted Rainbow


167 Ruby Transparent with Lustre


173 Mid Green Transparent with Lustre


251 Amber Transparent with Rainbow


252 Yellow Transparent with Rainbow


253 Orange Transparent with Rainbow


254 Red Transparent with Rainbow


256 Light Amethyst Transparent with Rainbow


257 Dark Brown Transparent with Rainbow


258 Lime Transparent with Rainbow


261 Light Sapphire Transparent with Rainbow


271 Clear with Light Mint Lining & Rainbow


275 Clear with Peach Lining & Rainbow


339 Marine Blue Transparent with Black Lining/Rainbow (looks turquoise)


355 Clear with Hot Pink Lining & Rainbow


356 Amethyst Transparent with Purple Lining & Rainbow


401FR Black Opaque with Frosted Rainbow


451 Hematite Opaque


452 Metallic Dark Blue Iris


453 Metallic Forest Green Iris


454 Metallic Dark Plum Iris


457 Metallic Antique Gold


460 Metallic Dark Raspberry


462 Metallic Autumn Gold Iris


2061 Opaque Metallic Jade/Mulberry



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