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Beads : Miyuki Beads : Seed Beads - Size 8

Seed Beads - Size 8 (3mm)


551 White Opal with Gilt Lining.


1901 White Opal with Gilt Lining & Semi Frosted


1316 Violet Transparent.


1617 violet Transparent & Semi Frosted.


261 Light Sapphire Transparent with Rainbow.


376 Aqua Transparent with Sparkling Grey Lining & Lustre.


407 Red Opaque.


254 - Red Transparent with Rainbow


167 Ruby Transparent with Lustre.


1312 Wine Transparent.




355 Clear with Hot Pink Lining & Rainbow.


1620 Dark Lilac Transparent & Semi Frosted.


410 Lavender Opaque.


579 Mushroom Opal with Gilt Lining.


155fr Blush Pink Transparent with Frosted Rainbow.


275 Clear with Peach Lining and Rainbow.


2021 Opaque Ivory & Frosted.


421 Cream Opaque with Lustre (looks pearl).


577 Ivory Opal with Gilt Lining.


2 Light Amber Transparent with Silver Lining.


3 Amber Transparent with Silver Lining.


1902 Light Gold with Gilt Lining & Semi Frosted.


578 Cream Opal with Gilt Lining.


251 Amber Transparent with Rainbow


132fr Amber Transparent with Frosted Rainbow.


593 Light Caramel Opaque with Lustre (looks pearl)


2022 Opaque Cream and Frosted.


377 Amber Transparent with Sparkling Topaz Lining & Rainbow.


138fr Orange Transparent with Frosted Rainbow.


1236 Clay Opaque & Frosted.


553 Dark Peach Opal with Gilt Lining.


301 Dark Topaz Transparent with Gold Lustre & Rainbow.


650 Rustic Grey with Gilt Lining. 


4210 Duraocat Galvanised Clover Pink.


220 Clear with Aqua Mist Lining & Lustre.






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